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Updated: Apr 11

Hi! I am so happy you are here and shopping with Kait's Closet! I made Kait's Closet because I wanted to create trendy, encouraging, fun, positive, and most importantly Christian tees and crewnecks! I want these pieces of clothing to bring joy and allow you to be a bright light in your own life! I hope these tee's can be conversation starters and spark an opportunity for you to spread positivity or share the Gospel even! My designs all are designed by me and all have purpose or story behind them! Some designs are just fun and trendy (but still can have meaning behind them!) Others will be positive reminders/ encouragement for you! The last category and most important of my designs are meant for you to shine a light for Jesus! These Christian designs will be great conversation starters for you to share Jesus's love and promises with others (while still being super cute and trendy of course!) Thank you so much for checking out my little shop! I appreciate the support and love so much and can not wait for you to rock your Kait's Closet tee or Crew!

Xo, Kait

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